Happy tails – Wensley


Wensley (affectionately known by the Teckels staff as Wens or Wensleydale) was with us for a number of months, having previously spent over a year in another kennels. He spent his first couple of months with us working on his skin issues and some behavioural quirks before he was ready to find his forever home. He was quite the ladies man and had a number of girlfriends including Flora and Pig the Frenchie!

Emma and her partner Will came to visit quite a few times to spend time with Wens and build a relationship with him, and we knew it was a match made in heaven!

“Will and I have always known we wanted a dog and adopting seemed like the perfect option for us, and when we met Wensley we fell in love instantly! He has really started to settle and become part of the family. Wens is a big lad, so we had to put some boundaries in place and work on some training, but he’s been so receptive and willing that it’s been an absolute joy! We’ve taken things slow with him as to not overwhelm him, but he enjoys adventures and is so happy with all the sniffs and different things to see. He’s enjoying his daily walks in our estate and local fields where we have been able to continue some training and getting him used to his neighbour dogs and humans but apart from that, he tends to spend his days sleeping, destroying his latest cuddly toy or looking for snacks! We couldn’t imagine life without him now and so pleased he’s enjoying his life here with us. Teckels were so helpful in getting us paired up and making sure everything went well, thank you so much!”

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