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We Need Your Support

We rely 100% on the generous support of donors, volunteers, fundraisers, and sponsors.

Without your priceless contributions, we would be unable to provide assistance to the numerous cats and dogs who enter our care each year, seeking a new loving home.

Many of these animals have endured the pain of abandonment, neglect, or traumatic experiences, while others have lost their previous owners who can no longer care for them. Regardless of their past, they all deserve a nurturing environment.

With your compassionate involvement, we can provide them with the love, support, and dedicated care necessary for their recovery and eventual placement in forever homes.

Outlined below are several ways in which you can join us in our mission to aid these animals. Your support is sincerely appreciated as we work together to transform lives.


Where can I drop my donations?

Here is our current list of drop-off points that our dedicated volunteer team collect from regularly. Click here to see the list.

Dog Sponsorship3

More Ways To Support Us

See our current shopping list here.

Please note that we are not currently accepting the following as we are either unable to use these items or cannot safely store them at present:

We kindly request that you refrain from donating the following items:

  • Fitted Sheets
  • Double Duvets or Feathered Duvets
  • Small Plastic Beds
  • Cushions
  • Bric-a-brac (decorative objects)
  • Pillows / Pillow Cases
  • Unsafe toys filled with beads or other hazardous materials

Thank you for your understanding. 

By using platforms like Give as you Live or Easy Fundraising, you can contribute to our cause and generate funds for us without incurring any additional cost.

Every time you make a purchase through these platforms, a portion of the proceeds will be directed towards supporting Teckels.

It’s a simple yet powerful way to make a difference while going about your regular shopping routine.


Why not give a gift to our animals?

Our Amazon Wishlist has a huge amount of options, ranging from affordable choices priced at just a few pounds to bigger items that are consistently in high demand.

These items play a crucial role in meeting our ongoing needs and ensuring the well-being of the animals under our care.

Dupree White

Leaving a donation in your will can have a huge impact on a small charity like ours. Legacies of any size can make a difference to the animals that we support. Teckels are proud to partner with Gloucestershire based Dupree & Co. who will offer service users of Teckels a free will writing service.

For further information about their services, please visit  

Gloucester Lottery

With Gloucester Lottery and give yourself a chance to win whilst donating!

Yes, you read that right! If you have an old car that you are able to donate (perhaps it is ready for scrapping) you can donate it via Charity Car who will collect it, help you complete the relevant forms for DVLA and donate the proceeds to us as your nominated charity.

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