October 2023 – Adoption Update


October has been another heartwarming month at Teckels, marking a period bustling with rescue stories, remarkable transformations, and the continuous quest for securing loving forever homes for our furry friends.

We’ve seen significant success in our rehoming efforts this month:

🐱 – Our feline companions have found joy, with 4 cats being welcomed into new homes.

🐶 – The dogs have fared just as well, with 9 finding their forever families.

In our commitment to providing sanctuary to strays:

🚚  – We collaborated with the council, and rescued 11 stray animals.

❤️  – Of these, we successfully reunited 3 with their grateful owners.

✔  – 7 found refuge with other rescue organisations, ensuring they continue to receive the care they need.

😻 – 1 remains under our care in the kennels, awaiting a loving home.

None of these achievements would have been possible without your unwavering generosity and support. 

Your donations have been the cornerstone of our mission, offering care, shelter, and new beginnings to animals in need.

As we reflect on the journey of October at Teckels, we want to emphasise that every contribution, no matter the size, has been instrumental in changing lives. Your kindness is the hope that fuels our efforts and the love that transforms destinies.

Here’s to a future filled with more stories of rescue and hope, and a heartfelt thank you for being an integral part of our Teckels family.

Double Delight: Both Patches Find Their Forever Homes

Patch (1)

We’re bidding a bittersweet farewell to our longest stay resident, Patch (1). His journey wasn’t straightforward; after spending some time with another rescue that could no longer care for him, Patch found his way to Teckels. For three years, he was one of our own, and in that time, our staff poured their hearts into training him, showing him that the world can be a friendly place.

Then, a wonderful couple walked in, saw the amazing dog that Patch is, and knew they had to take him home. Patch has now settled into his new life wonderfully. He’s making the most of home comforts, claiming his spot on the sofa, zooming around in his very own garden, and he’s even located the treat cupboard! It’s heartwarming to see Patch so content.


Patch (2)

On a different note, Patch (2) returned to us after seven years due to difficulties adjusting to changes at his previous home. Life in the kennels was tough for him initially, and he became quite withdrawn. But our dedicated team didn’t give up. They filled his days with all his favourite things, and slowly but surely, Patch began to come around.

When he was ready for adoption, it didn’t take long for him to charm his way into the hearts of his new Mum and Dad. It was love at first sight! Now, a few weeks into his new home, Patch has settled in beautifully. He’s claimed his own lookout spot at the front window, comfortably keeping an eye on the street from his sofa. As he relaxes more into his new life, his cheeky personality shines through, and he’s still giving the best snuggles ever.

Here’s to a happy future for both Patches!

Bobo the Cat Finds the Purrfect Forever Home After a Patient Wait

Great news about six and a half year old Bobo – she’s finally in her new home after 5 months at Teckels! It’s been a bit of a rocky road for her. Her first owner couldn’t take care of her anymore because of Alzheimer’s disease. Then, finding a new home was tough, especially after she was diagnosed with FIV, which means she needs to stay indoors.

At the Sanctuary, Bobo was waiting for the right person to come along. Some potential adopters didn’t show up, and she began to get a little lonely and less interested in play and cuddles.

But then, everything changed. A kind lady who understood that Bobo might take her time to warm up came into her life. She didn’t push Bobo to be cuddly before she was ready, which was just what Bobo needed.

Now, Bobo’s got her own comfy chair in a home where she’s getting all the love and care she deserves. 

She’s having a great time chilling out, playing, and enjoying her meals. 

It’s a big win for Bobo, and she’s bringing lots of joy to her new family too. 

It’s the perfect match.

Demand for Relinquishing Animals

Just like August anbd September, we’ve seen an increasing number of people seeking to relinquish animals in need. 

In October, we received over 100 calls and emails from individuals looking to rehome dogs and 90 for cats.

Teckels’ commitment to helping animals in need and finding them loving homes remains unwavering.


Help us Continue Our Mission

Thank you to everyone who donates to Teckels, your generosity is making a profound difference.

Your support is the driving force behind our mission to rescue, rehabilitate, and find loving homes for animals in need. Every contribution plays a vital role.

We invite you to become a donor today and continue making a difference.

Your support enables us to provide care, shelter, and hope to countless animals seeking a second chance at a better life. Together, we can create positive change and ensure a brighter future for these animals.

Join us in making a lasting impact today.

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