March 2024 – Adoption Update

Teckels March Email

April has arrived – time flies!

We hope you’re enjoying those longer, brighter mornings – perfect for a sunrise stroll with your furry friend, especially now that the clocks have sprung forward!

As we bid farewell to March, which might have brought some early April showers, we’re feeling optimistic and excited about what’s ahead at Teckels Animal Sanctuary.

April is a time of renewal and celebration, not only in nature but also in our lives.

As spring blooms around us, it’s a reminder of the fresh starts and new beginnings that Easter embodies. It’s not just about egg hunts and chocolate bunnies… but that definitely helps!

In our Sanctuary, April signifies the beginning of new chapters for our animals as they find loving homes. It’s a time to cherish their journey towards brighter futures and the happiness they bring to their adoptive families.

This month, we’ve seen heartwarming moments and significant achievements that have brightened our days and reinforced our dedication to the welfare of our animal friends.

April is also shaping up to be quite eventful at Teckels Animal Sanctuary!

Mark your calendars for the Spring Fair and Dog Show on Sunday, April 14th, at Churchdown Community Centre, GL3 2JH, promising fun for both two-legged and four-legged attendees alike.

And don’t forget to swing by the Teckels Car Boot event at Fromebridge Mill on Saturday, April 20th, where treasures await, and every purchase supports our furry friends.

Plus, get your thinking caps on for our upcoming pub quiz on May 1st – it’s sure to be a great fun, so gather your friends and join us for a night of trivia and laughter!

Our dedicated team has continued their tireless efforts to provide a nurturing environment for our cats and to find loving, permanent homes for our dogs in need. Your ongoing support has been vital in these efforts; we are incredibly grateful for that.

So here’s to April – a month full of promise, growth, and endless opportunities for the animals at Teckels Animal Sanctuary.

Thank you for being a crucial part of their journey.

Adoption Update

March has seen a surge of activity at Teckels Animal Sanctuary as adoption requests flood in.

It’s as if the Springtime vibes and Easter break have sparked renewed interest in giving our furry friends the loving homes they deserve. With each inquiry, hope springs for our animals as we strive to match them with families ready to embrace them with open arms and hearts.

Here are our adoption figures for the month:

🐱 – Twelve cats have been welcomed into loving homes, where they’ve become cherished members of their new families.

🐶 – A superb SEVEN adoptions were secured for dogs in March, more than three times more than in February, thanks to some awesome adopters coming forward after our rehoming outreach efforts and your generosity!

In our commitment to providing sanctuary to strays:

🚚  – We worked with the council to rescue 12 stray animals.

❤️  – Of these, we successfully reunited 9 with their grateful owners. An incredible achievement!

✔  – 2 are awaiting rehoming at Teckels, and 1 found refuge with other rescue organisations, which ensures that they continue to receive the care they need.

These achievements would not have been possible without your unwavering generosity and support. 

Your donations have been the cornerstone of our mission, offering care, shelter, and new beginnings to animals in need.

From Timid Stray to Confident Canine: Stan the Spaniel Finds His Forever Home

Stan the Spaniel arrived as a stray, initially timid and unsure.

Despite his gentle nature and eagerness to please, he lacked confidence.

With lots of patience and understanding, the team at Teckels worked diligently to help him overcome his fears. Gradually,

Stan blossomed into a more confident pup, particularly finding comfort in the company of other dogs. Today, he has found his forever home and formed a strong bond with Ron the Labrador, they’re now thick as thieves!

Ava’s Journey from Stray to Beloved Family Member

Ava came to us as a stray and was absolutely petrified when she arrived. It took weeks for us to get a lead on her and gain her trust, but once we did, she was such a lovely, cuddly girl.

Here’s what her new owners had to say:

“Our first weekend with beautiful Ava has been amazing.

She’s eaten her meals, drank lots of water, played with her toys, and most impressively, she slept all night without a peep from 10 pm to 5 am, which we were amazed by. She decided the sofa was best, where she could fully stretch out and snore.”

“We really could not be more in love with her xx”

Shy Struggle to Happy Home: Maurice the Blue

Meet Maurice, the handsome blue shorthaired cat pictured above.

Maurice found his way to us because he was struggling to adjust to a lot of changes in his previous home. His owners, with heavy hearts, reached out to us for assistance in finding him a new loving home.

When Maurice first arrived, he was a real sweetheart but quite shy, understandably missing the familiar comforts of his previous surroundings. However, with time and patience, Maurice began to come out of his shell.

Now, as you can see, Maurice has happily settled into his new home. He’s thriving in an environment where he feels safe and loved, and we couldn’t be happier for him.

Harley’s Journey: From Neglect to New Beginnings

Harley had been with us at Teckels for over a year before finally finding him forever home.

Harley arrived at our centre in a sorry state, underweight and heavily matted, having been brought in as a stray. Despite his rough start, we were determined to give Harley the care and attention he needed to thrive.

With dedicated efforts, we nursed him back to full health, addressing his physical needs and providing him with the love and support he deserved. Additionally, we worked tirelessly to build his confidence and help him develop better social skills with other dogs.

Now, with his new owner, Harley’s journey continues as he settles into his loving home. His new guardian is continuing the work we started, ensuring that Harley receives the care and attention he needs to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Here’s what Will, his new adoptive pup parent, has to say:

“At the start of this year my New Year’s resolution was to finally get a dog. Not knowing many rescue centres, I went onto Teckels’ website and found Harley. I was instantly won over from just a picture!

He was like an all-white Chewbacca and I knew he was the pooch for me!

I first met Harley on February 10th and he was the most nervous and wary dog I’ve seen, and I understood why Cicely told me the adoption process would take a little longer than usual. 

Fast forward to March 2nd and Harley had come on leaps and bounds! We got over the wall he had up and he was showing all of his goofy personality and it was worth the effort and wait.

I’m still so baffled how Harley was at Teckels for a year, and no one had snapped this amazing dude up!

On March 9th Harley finally came home with me! After an emotional farewell from the centre, we drove home to the dulcet tones of Johnny Cash. It’s not been a week and he’s doing so well. Couple of nervy messes on the first day, but a quick clean up and it’s been smooth sailing since! He made himself at home instantly and I have no doubt his nervousness will fade. Adopting Harley has been one of the most rewarding experiences and I’m certain he’ll continue to surprise me! 

Thank you, Dean, Cicely, and Georgia you were amazing throughout the entire adoption progress. Knew what Harley needed to get him to the go home stage and I’ll be sure to take on the teachings you gave to get Harley more confident. 

I’m excited for mine and Harley’s future adventures and so happy that he’s finally got his forever home!!”

Demand for Relinquishing Animals

Just like February, we’ve seen an increasing number of people seeking to relinquish animals in need. 

In March, we received over 100 calls and emails from individuals looking to rehome dogs and 90 for cats.

Teckels’ commitment to helping animals in need and finding them loving homes remains unwavering.


Help us Continue Our Mission

Thank you to everyone who donates to Teckels, your generosity is making a profound difference.

Your support is the driving force behind our mission to rescue, rehabilitate, and find loving homes for animals in need. Every contribution plays a vital role.

We invite you to become a donor today and continue making a difference.

Your support enables us to provide care, shelter, and hope to countless animals seeking a second chance at a better life. Together, we can create positive change and ensure a brighter future for these animals.

Join us in making a lasting impact today.

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