June 2024 – Adoption Update

July Adoption Update

Can you believe we’re already halfway through 2024? Despite the calendar suggesting summer, the weather outside could easily be mistaken for early spring!

It’s been a busy year for Teckels so far, and the time is flying!

Firstly, we are delighted to announce the upcoming launch of our first Charity Shop on Russell Street in Stroud. This marks a pivotal moment for us, and we’re actively seeking volunteers to join us in this new venture.

If you’d like to get involved, we’ll release application forms shortly. In the meantime, please email Volunteer@teckelsanimalsanctuaries.co.uk for more information.

We’d also like to say a massive and heartfelt thank you to all who have donated kitten food and litter. Your contributions have been invaluable, helping us save a huge amount of money.

July is another exciting month for Events at Teckels, too!

Be sure to join us for the Teckels Car Boot event at Fromebridge Mill on Sunday, July 14th and July 28thIt’s a fantastic opportunity to find hidden treasures, and every penny from seller’s fees supports our sanctuary.

And save the date for our pub quiz on Wednesday, August 7th, again supported by the wonderful folks at The Fromebridge Mill. Gather your friends for a fun night of trivia and laughter, all supporting our animal friends.

Our dedicated team continues to work tirelessly to provide a nurturing environment for our cats and to find loving, permanent homes for our dogs in need. Your ongoing support is vital to these efforts, and we are incredibly grateful for it.

Thank you for being an essential part of their journey.

Adoption Update

June has seen another busy month of activity at Teckels as adoption requests flood in.

Here are our adoption figures for the month:

🐱 –  Twelve cats (3x May’s amount) have been welcomed into loving homes, where they’ve become cherished members of their new families.

🐶 – Four adoptions were secured for dogs in June, the slightly down in May, but two were long-term residents, and we continue to be dedicated to finding the perfect forever homes and not just the numbers!

In our commitment to providing sanctuary to strays:

🚚  – We worked with the council to rescue 15 stray animals – slightly down on last month.

❤️  – Of these, we successfully reunited 6 with their grateful owners.

✔  – This month, three of the strays stayed at Teckels, and the remaining three found refuge with other rescue organisations, which ensures that they continue to receive the care they need.

These achievements would not have been possible without your unwavering generosity and support. 

Your donations have been the cornerstone of our mission, offering care, shelter, and new beginnings to animals in need.

Long-Term Strays Ronnie and Reggie Rehomed and Renamed!

Ronnie (renamed Louis) and Reggie, two brothers who came to us as strays a year ago, have found their forever homes separately.

What’s heartwarming is that they were both adopted in the same month!

It’s truly wonderful to see them embark on their new journeys, each with a loving family to call their own.

The latest update from Louis’ forever family is positive, too!

“Louis is settling in wonderfully! It’s been a gradual process, but he’s finding his rhythm and growing more confident each day. He adores attention, zooming around with playful energy before curling up for a well-deserved nap. Having him at home has filled our hearts with joy. Thank you!”

Jenny Finds New Beginnings as Molly: Settling In and Learning Fast!

Jenny came to us due to her owner’s health issues, but her stay at Teckels was short-lived as she’s adorable!

Now known as Molly, she’s already enthusiastically responding to her new name.

“Molly is settling in beautifully. We’ve been focusing on training her before taking her out for walks, and she’s showing remarkable progress. She’s becoming more comfortable around us, and she even discovered a cozy spot in a little towel box to relax in.

At night, Molly is learning to sleep in her own bed after initially wanting to stay close to us. She’s still adjusting to her food preferences, preferring training treats and the pouches you provided over dry food and chappie.”

She’s a joy to have around, and we look forward to seeing her continue to thrive in her new home.

Demand for Relinquishing Animals

Just like May, we’ve seen an increasing number of people seeking to relinquish animals in need. 

In June, we received over 100 calls and emails from individuals looking to rehome dogs and 90 for cats.

Teckels’ commitment to helping animals in need and finding them loving homes remains unwavering.


Help us Continue Our Mission

Thank you to everyone who donates to Teckels, your generosity is making a profound difference.

Your support is the driving force behind our mission to rescue, rehabilitate, and find loving homes for animals in need. Every contribution plays a vital role.

We invite you to become a donor today and continue making a difference.

Your support enables us to provide care, shelter, and hope to countless animals seeking a second chance at a better life. Together, we can create positive change and ensure a brighter future for these animals.

Join us in making a lasting impact today.

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