How to adopt

Please be aware that currently, all rehoming is conducted by appointment only.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate any visits to the centre for discussing rehoming at this time.

To ensure the well-being of our pets, we have implemented a new procedure that no longer involves visiting the centre initially.

Instead, we kindly request that you regularly check our website for available animals and submit an adoption application for a specific animal you are interested in.

To express your interest in adopting, please complete the adoption application form provided below:

    We kindly ask that you fully participate in this adoption process with openness and transparency.

    This will help reduce the likelihood of an adoption not working out, which can be upsetting for the adopter and traumatic for the animal returning to our care.

    Upon reviewing your application, if we determine that you are the best match for the specific animal you applied for, we will contact you via telephone for an initial consultation.

    During this consultation, we will provide you with additional details about the pet, such as their behavior in a previous home, medical history, and our ongoing assessments since the animal has been under our care.

    Please note that the selection of the most suitable home for each animal is not based on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Regrettably, we may not be able to respond to all of the adoption applications we receive.

    If you do not hear from us, it means that you have been unsuccessful with that particular animal.

    However, we encourage you to continue applying for other animals, as your home may be the best match for a different animal in our care.

    The Adoption Process:

    • Once you have been deemed successful, we will introduce you to the chosen animal in the presence of Teckels staff. During this visit, we will provide you with as much information as possible.
    • In some cases, multiple visits may be necessary to fully assess compatibility. All members of the household, including resident dogs, should have an introduction before the adoption takes place.
    • Meetups will be conducted outdoors, regardless of the weather conditions. Please keep this in mind when scheduling an appointment, as appointment slots will not be changed due to weather changes. Our aim is to expose you to our rescue dogs in various situations, allowing you to get a good idea of their behaviour and build a bond during these visits.
    • Home checks are essential for dog adoptions. If all goes well in the previous stages and you choose to proceed, we will conduct a home visit with the proposed dog. If you are renting your home, written permission from your landlord will be required.
    • Adoption paperwork will be completed, along with an adoption fee (currently £250 for an adult dog, £300 for puppies under 6 months, £90 for a cat, and £120 for kittens). Please note that this fee is a contribution toward the cost of caring for the animal in rescue until they are adopted. We encourage adopters to consider becoming regular donors via Charity Checkout to continue their support.
    • Congratulations! Your dog or cat can now go to their new forever home with you!


    After Adoption:

    Please keep in touch!

    We love hearing how ex-Teckels cats and dogs are enjoying their new homes.

    Feel free to send us a “Happy Tail” story to feature on our website.


    Post-Adoption Support:

    We understand that helping an animal overcome a difficult past and settle into a new home can be challenging.

    This process may take a significant amount of time.

    While we will provide you with honest information about the animal’s past and expected behaviour after adoption, we often don’t know their full story.

    Therefore, we offer a period of continued support and advice to our adopters after they have taken their new pet home.

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