Fundraising Ideas

Looking for inspiration to kickstart your fundraising efforts? 

From hosting bake sales to organising charity walks, the possibilities for fundraising are endless.

Every contribution, big or small, goes a long way in ensuring we can continue providing vital assistance to animals under our care.

So, roll up your sleeves and get creative! Your efforts make a real impact on our furry friends’ lives and serve as a beacon of hope for those who rely on our services.

Let’s make a difference together!

Cake Sale

Our Top Fundraising Ideas...

Coffee Morning

Host a coffee morning where attendees can enjoy beverages and treats while making donations to support the cause.

Run, Walk or Cycle

Engage in sponsored activities such as walks, runs, cycling events, or challenges to raise funds for the cause.

Quiz Night

Plan an entertaining quiz night at a local venue or online, with an entry fee and prizes for the winning teams.

Dress Down Day

Encourage your workplace or school to designate a day where participants can dress casually in exchange for a donation towards the cause.

Table Top Sale

Arrange a sale event where individuals can rent tables to sell their items, with a portion of the proceeds contributing to the fundraising goal.


Coordinate a musical performance or concert featuring local talent, with admission fees to be collected and the event promoted within the community.

Games Evening

Host an enjoyable evening of board games, card games, or video games, with an entry fee and prizes for the winners.

Bake Sale

Organise a sale of homemade baked goods, where people can donate or purchase delicious treats, with the proceeds supporting the cause.

Charity Auction

Collect donated items or experiences and organise a charity auction, either in person or online, to raise funds through bidding.

Ideas for Workplaces

Here are some cracking fundraising ideas to get the ball rolling for Teckels. Let’s spice up the office and raise some pounds while we’re at it!

  1. Cake Sale/Bake Off: Channel your inner Mary Berry or Paul Hollywood and whip up some scrumptious treats. We’ll have a blast judging who takes the cake!

  2. Extra Holiday Raffle: Sweet talk the boss into donating an extra day off and hold a raffle for the lucky winner. A little extra holiday never hurt anyone!

  3. Tea & Coffee Collection: Pop a collection box in the kitchen and charge a few bob for each cuppa. Every sip will be a sip for a good cause.

  4. Pub Quiz Night: Let’s show off our brainpower with a quiz night at the local pub. We’ll round up the troops and see who reigns supreme in trivia.

  5. Salary Donation Match: Pledge an hour’s salary and ask the boss to double the goodness. It’s like getting a two-for-one deal on making a difference.

  6. Auction of Promises: How far will folks go for a week’s worth of tea service or covering an early morning shift? Let’s find out with a cheeky auction!

Office Fundraising
School Fundraising 1

Ideas for School

And for our young champs looking to support Teckels, we’ve got some ace ideas for school fundraisers:

  1. Doggy Sports Day: From the retriever relay to the doggy paddle swim, let’s make sports day a tail-wagging affair this summer.

  2. Sponsored Silence: Keep those lips zipped and watch the pounds roll in. Your teachers will thank you, and the pups will too!

  3. Non-Uniform Day: Swap the blazers for a quid donation and let’s keep it casual for a day, all for a paw-some cause.

  4. Cake Sale: Who can resist a slice of cake for a good cause? Bring on the baked goodies and watch the donations flood in.

  5. Charity Concert: Strike a chord with a charity concert and donate the ticket sales to Teckels. Music to our ears and their paws!

  6. Walk Your Dog to School Day: Take a stroll with the family pooch and collect donations along the way. Exercise for everyone and a boost for the fundraiser!

  7. Talent Show: Let’s showcase those hidden talents and invite friends and family to enjoy the show, all in exchange for a donation.

  8. Guess the Sweets in a Jar: Take a sweet guess for a quid and win a jar of treats. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Fundraising A-Z


  • Afternoon Tea:
  • Organise a cosy tea or coffee gathering with cakes and treats. Encourage donations from your guests.
  • Alcohol-Free Challenge: Give your liver and wallet a break by abstaining from alcohol and donating the savings.
  • Aerobics Night: Host a fitness evening and collect donations as entry fees.
  • Auction: Engage schools and universities in friendly competition through auctions to raise funds.



  • Birthday Donations: Choose generosity on your birthday by requesting donations to Teckels instead of gifts.
  • Bike Ride: Embark on a sponsored cycling adventure along scenic routes.
  • Bring & Buy Sale: Recycle your beloved items or find treasures in others at a sale.
  • Blogging: Share your fundraising journey through a blog to inspire donations and keep supporters updated.



  • Cake Sale: Satisfy sweet cravings post-lunch with cakes for donations.
  • Car Boot Sale: Clear out clutter and donate proceeds from sales.
  • Coffee Cup Challenge: Reuse coffee cups to collect change, aiming to fill them up as a challenge.
  • Cheese and Wine Evening: Swap your night out for a donation-based home gathering with friends.



  • Dress Down Day: Relax the dress code at work for a day with a small donation.
  • Dating Event: Introduce lunchtime speed dating at work to encourage mingling and raise funds through snack sales.



  • EBay Sales: Sell unwanted items on eBay and direct proceeds to Teckels.
  • Easter Egg Hunt: Celebrate with a fun hunt and raise essential funds.
  • Eco Pledge: Turn saved pennies from plastic bags into donations, encouraging friendly office competition.



  • Fit Fridays: Team up with colleagues for a variety of Friday fitness activities.
  • Five-a-Side Football: Organise a charity match, collecting entry fees or donations.



  • Give-Up Challenge: Sponsorship for giving up a favourite indulgence for a month.
  • Growth Challenge: Raise funds by growing out facial hair.
  • Go Green Day: Sell extra garden produce or host a seed exchange for donations.



  • Head Shave: Brave enough to shave for charity?
  • Hour of Pay: Consider donating an hour’s wage to support Teckels.
  • Healthy Living Month: Commit to a healthier lifestyle and raise funds through sponsored activities.



  • It’s a Knockout: Revive childhood games for a fun, adult competition with entry fees for charity.
  • International Evening: Celebrate diverse cultures with a themed night, including a small entry fee and quiz.



  • Jumble Sale: Turn unused items into funds through a community sale.
  • Jeans Day: Swap formal wear for jeans at work for a donation.
  • Jamboree: Create and sell homemade jams from summer fruits, including a chutney competition.



  • Karaoke Night: Bring people together for a sing-along and charge a small participation fee.
  • Knitting: Craft items for sale or donation, with patterns available on Teckels’ site.



  • Live Streaming: Share your fundraising efforts in real-time on social media, linking to your donation page.
  • Last-Minute Fundraisers: Spontaneous events, from casual meetups to sales, can also bring in donations.



  • Mexican Fiesta: Host a themed dinner and ask guests to donate what they would on a night out.
  • Make and Do Night: A creative session for crafting items to sell, combined with a social gathering.



  • Naughty Jar: A fun way to fine bad habits and collect donations.
  • Name the Teddy: A sweet contest for naming a teddy bear, with a raffle to win it.



  • Old Clothes Swap: Organise a swap party, charging a small fee for each item taken.
  • Office Olympics: Foster team spirit with a series of fun, competitive games and a registration fee for charity.



  • Plant Sale: Exchange plants and seeds for donations to add some green to your space.
  • Pamper Party: Swap a spa day for an at-home pampering session and donate the savings.



  • Quiz Night: Test your knowledge with various quiz themes, charging participants or selling quiz sheets.



  • Recycling Challenge: Turn recycling into a competitive and fun event, with team entries contributing to charity.
  • Rugby Sweepstake: Engage in a sports sweepstakes, sharing winnings with Teckels.



  • Summer Picnic: Combine a picnic with fun games and activities, asking for donations or entry fees.
  • Sweets in a Jar: Simple guess-the-number games can be effective mini fundraisers.



  • Treasure Hunt: Set up an adventurous hunt with themed clues and charge for participation.
  • Talent Show: Showcase local talents with an entry fee for performers and spectators alike.



  • Underground Tour: Take on a challenge in a city’s underground, seeking sponsorships for each station visited.
  • Unwanted Gifts Sale: Convert unwanted items into donations by hosting a sale.



  • Video Challenge: Document and share your fundraising activities through monthly or daily videos.
  • VIP Party: Host a celebrity-themed party with donations for participation.



  • Water Fun Day: Organise a summer day with water games, requesting donations for participation or refreshments.
  • Work Party Fundraiser: Utilise corporate parties as opportunities to raise additional funds.



  • Extreme Sports Challenge: Participate in thrilling activities like skydiving for sponsorships, ensuring safety first.
  • X-Box Marathon: Challenge gamers to a sponsored gaming break or marathon session.



  • Yes Day: Accept challenges for 24 hours with a donation for each task.
  • Youth Group Fundraising: Encourage youth groups to support Teckels through their activities.



  • ZZZ for Charity: Host a sponsored sleepout or sleepover, incorporating other fundraising activities from this list.

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