Are you offering tours of the centre?

We are currently not offering tours of the centre. This is because it causes the animals in our care upset and distress to have people walking past the kennels and pens. If you are considering boarding your pet here and would like to see the facilities, then please get in contact with us and we will share some pictures of the kennels, pens, paddocks and home rooms.



How can I help?

There are plenty of different ways to get involved to help raise money for our charity! In the past we have died our hair Teckels colours (pink and blue), bucket collections, Tea for Teckels and we have even got Teckels logo tattoos!! 

You might like to consider becoming a regular donor, sponsoring a pet or even just purchasing a voucher from our online shop. For more ways to help, head over to our Support Teckels page.



Where can I drop my donations?

Here is our current list of drop-off points that our dedicated volunteer team collect from regularly. Click here to see the list.


I’d like to volunteer with you – what opportunities are available?

We pride ourselves on having something for everyone here at Teckels, whether it be dog walking, cat cuddling, laundry, admin or creating enrichment! If you would like to get involved, then please head over to our volunteer page or contact volunteer@teckelsanimalsanctuaries.co.uk for more information! 


How do you decide the right home for each pet?

Upon arrival, each pet will receive a thorough assessment from our trained staff. From here, their rehoming criteria can be decided in order to create a successful adoption. We will look at how the pet reacts to different situations that can be created in a novel environment to determine how they may behave once in a home or public setting.

This process is done to minimise the chance of animals needing to be returned to our care. Once we have received applications, we will then choose the family that best meets these criteria. If you are not chosen, then please do not be discouraged from applying in the future. It does not mean you cannot offer a great home, but there might be a different family more suited to that particular rescue. 


Do you home pets to families with young children?

Yes, we will rehome pets to children of all ages as long as the animal is suited and able to cope in that environment. We will always include whether a dog or cat is able to live with children in the description of each pet


Do you home pets to older people?

We have no age limit when it comes to adoption at Teckels, we rehome in the best interest of our pets and will match them with the best-suited home. However, it is important to think about the future of the pet when deciding to adopt, as it can be a 10-year or more commitment. We would recommend having the support of family/friends in place to care for your pet if you are unable to in the future.


How much does it cost to adopt?

Adoption fees are currently £180 for an adult dog, £250 for puppies under 6 months and £90 for a cat, £100 for kittens. This fee is only a contribution to the cost of caring for an animal in rescue until they are adopted

The cost includes a microchip (ownership will be transferred to you upon adoption), vaccinations, up-to-date flea and worm treatments, neutering or a neuter voucher, a starter pack (food, blankets and advice for settling your dog into your home) and four weeks PetPlan insurance. You will also receive lifetimes support from our rescue.


Can I adopt if I am moving soon?

If you are moving within the next 3 months, then we recommend you wait until you are settled into your new home before you consider adding a furry friend to your family. It can take months for a pet to settle fully into their new home and moving could potentially be very unsettling and stressful for them again, resulting in unwanted behaviours.


I am going on holiday soon, can I adopt?

If you are planning a holiday, or a weekend away in the next 3 months (lucky you!!), then we ask you to wait until you are back before considering adoption. This is because it will disturb the settling-in period of your pet, putting them in a very stressful situation and potentially resulting in unwanted behaviours. 


Why do you insist on neutering/spaying all pets?

Teckels believes in neutering all pets for medical and ethical reasons. All pets will be neutered before adoption unless you are adopting a puppy or a kitten and then a neuter voucher will be supplied. In this case, a declaration agreement will be in place stating that the adopter agrees to neuter their new pet. This is to remove the risk of unwanted pregnancies, in addition to removing potential pets finding themselves back in rescue. 


How long does the adoption process take?

We try to make the adoption process quick but thorough to ensure successful adoption. Once you have applied for a pet, we will try to get back to you as soon as possible if you are deemed successful. This can sometimes be a few days due to the number of dogs in our care. All pets need a minimum of 2 meetings with everybody in the household before coming home. However, pets that are worried or nervous may require more visits to ensure everybody is comfortable. 

Once the meetings have taken place and staff are happy with the interactions between family and pet, you can expect your new addition home usually within 3 days. 

Head over to our how to adopt page for more information on our adoption process


I can no longer look after my pet, can you help?

If you need to rehome your pet, then please get in contact with our reception team. We understand this is a difficult decision and will do our very best to support you.

Unfortunately, our centre is currently very full but we will send a pre-admission form and get in contact as soon as we can help. 

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