Could you foster a dog?

If you would be interested in fostering a dog, please contact Sarah our Centre Manager at to express your interest. 

Some dogs cope less well in a kennel environment, and would benefit from being in a foster home. Usually these animals are very young, older, recovering from injury / surgery or have a medical condition that requires closer supervision than the kennel environment can offer. Sometimes we need a foster home for just a few days, and other times it may be several months.

Fostering helps us to understand more about the dog, their personality and how they are likely to behave in a home setting. It also provides a much more relaxed and loving environment for the animal, with more opportunity for human interaction, exercise and enrichment.

We discuss all potential fostering animals with our foster carers and are careful to match the animal to your experience, knowledge and availability. Previous experience with dogs is helpful, but not essential. We offer ongoing support and advice and will stay in touch with you throughout the fostering period.

Teckels will cover all costs associated with fostering a dog, including food, bedding, vet fees, toys and crates. Foster carers will ideally live within a 45 minute drive of the centre.

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