May 2024 – Adoption Update

Teckels June 2024 Email

May has come and gone, bringing with it the joys of longer weekends and slightly sunnier weather. It’s hard to believe we’re already halfway through 2024!
Here’s our monthly adoption update and some stunning success stories and adorable kitten pics!

April 2024 – Adoption Update

Teckels April Adoption Update

May has arrived, and with it comes the promise of two lovely bank holidays, giving us the perfect chance to make the most of extended weekends!
Here’s our monthly adoption update and some stunning success stories for Honey & Suzie!

March 2024 – Adoption Update

Teckels March Email

April has arrived – time flies!
We hope you’re enjoying those longer, brighter mornings – perfect for a sunrise stroll with your furry friend, especially now that the clocks have sprung forward!
Here’s our monthly adoption update, full of heartwarming stories, cute picutres and much more!

Boarding Price Announcement – 1st May 2024

Boarding Price Announcement Post

After careful consideration, the board has made the decision to adjust our boarding fees, effective from 1st May 2024. This increase reflects the escalating costs associated with staffing, utilities, and the procurement of essential supplies.

February 2024 – Adoption Update

Teckels Adoption Update March 2024

Can you believe it’s March already?
We hope you’re all coping well with the wet weather – those dog walks aren’t much fun when it’s pouring outside!
As we bid farewell to February, we can’t help but reflect on the whirlwind of events that have unfolded at Teckels…

January 2024 – Adoption Update

February Adoption Update Featured

January has flown by at Teckels Animal Sanctuary, and it’s been a fantastic month for rescue and rehoming. Our team has been hard at work, and we’ve witnessed heartwarming stories and significant milestones. From rehoming dogs to providing a safe haven for cats, it’s been a month filled with positive changes for the animals in […]

December 2023 – Adoption Update

January 2024 Featured Post Image

Happy New Year! We hope you had a great Christmas break and your cats didn’t terrorise the Christmas tree! We also hope that the cold weather isn’t discouraging your dogs from wanting to go out for a walk, or you for that matter! As December came to a close and the party season is wrapped […]

November 2023 – Adoption Update

December Featured Post Image

Welcome to the latest update from Teckels Animal Sanctuary. In this brief overview, we’ll highlight our achievements and touching moments from November, showcasing the impact of our work on both our furry residents and the community. Stay tuned for inspiring adoption stories, our successful Christmas fair, and a heartfelt tribute to a cherished friend. We’ve […]

October 2023 – Adoption Update


October has been another heartwarming month at Teckels, marking a period bustling with rescue stories, remarkable transformations, and the continuous quest for securing loving forever homes for our furry friends. We’ve seen significant success in our rehoming efforts this month: 🐱 – Our feline companions have found joy, with 4 cats being welcomed into new […]

August & September – Adoption Update

IMG 6537

Here at Teckels, it’s been a bustling couple of months filled with heartwarming stories of rescue, transformation, and the pursuit of loving forever homes. Your generosity and support have made this all possible, and now more than ever, your donations are playing a vital role in our mission to provide care, shelter, and hope to […]