Cat Boarding

Boarding RequirementPrice
One cat, single pen£14.00
Two cats, sharing one pen£20.50
Three cats, Sharing one pen£26.00

What's Included in Cat Boarding?

Apart from cuddles, obviously!

Our primary concern is that your cat is safe, healthy and happy while staying with us. 

We provide great boarding facilities and a high level of care from our experienced and qualified team. 

Cattery Pens

We can accommodate single cats as well as pairs or families in our larger pens.

Our indoor cattery includes an internal space with multiple levels to help your cat feel safe and comfortable during their stay.

All pens are fitted with a heater ensuring warmth during the colder seasons. Each level contains a range of quality beds to provide each pet with choices of preferred comfort. This includes a soft cushion, basket bed or hidey bed tailored to your cat’s liking.

Pens also include an exercise space for our guests to stretch their legs, fitted with a climbing ramp and scratching posts for their entertainment.

We have a double door security systemin the cattery to ensure safety and security at all times.


Our feline guests will receive one-to-one time with staff and volunteers for a cuddle, groom or playtime throughout the day according to your preferences.

Teckels also provides a variety of in-pen-based enrichment and activities such as licki mats, treat balls and toys.

Digestive Requirements

We understand the importance of supporting your cat’s digestive system and therefore provide a choice of both wet and dry food to help maintain a balanced diet.

If your cat has a special dietary requirement, then we ask you to provide any food needed to uphold this and prescription diets must also be supplied by the owner.

We keep a range of raw diet food in stock, but this diet will be charged at 50p per cat per day as an additional cost.

Fresh water is always available and of course plenty of treats! (with permission).

Health Checks

We perform daily health checks and monitor weight throughout their stay to ensure that your cat is not gaining or losing too much weight.

If this happens, we will adjust the diet accordingly. We can also administer any medication required both oral and intramuscular as per your instructions.

Upon collection, we will discuss our health checks with you and discuss anything that may have been addressed during their stay.

What you need to know...


Vaccination Requirements

An up-to-date vaccination certificate must be produced upon arrival each time of boarding to ensure that your cat has been fully vaccinated. For the comfort of all guests, we ask you to ensure that your pet is up to date with worming and flea treatments.

We thank you for understanding.


Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable, and must be paid at the point of booking. 

This deposit is equal to the cost of an overnight stay at Teckels for the cat/cats boarding with us.  

(E.g for one cat, one nights stay, the deposit is £24)

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