My name is


Age: 6 months

Gender: Male

Breed: American Bulldog


I can live with:




My Personality:


Lovely Ziggy has recently found himself at Teckels through no fault of his own. Ziggy has lived in a home before and has been a well looked after boy; he knows some basic obedience skills, likes being in the car and thoroughly enjoys meeting new people and dogs when he’s out and about on his walks. Ziggy will still need some support with housetraining and building up the time he is left alone.

Being such a youngster, Ziggy is looking for an active family who have lots of time for walks and playing. He is just starting to creep into his teenage stage and is becoming a bit cheeky with wanting to mouth and play exuberantly -this is usually when he is bored, over excited or frustrated about something. It is important that his new family have plenty of time and patience to invest in him and help him grow up to be a well-mannered boy.

Ziggy has the potential to live with another doggy friend but it would need to be a buddy that is happy to tolerate his puppy nature while offering a calming influence. Ziggy can be unaware of his own strength and size and can sometimes be a little over the top; he means no harm but we appreciate he might not be the right friend for everyone. Ziggy would benefit from further socialisation around other dogs in general as he does enjoy play time and will need to continue to learn how to ‘talk dog’.

Ziggy could also share his home with children over the age of 12. As mentioned above he can lack some manners and can mouth in some situations. Again, he means no harm, he just needs some help with redirecting the behaviour to something more appropriate. It is important that everybody in Ziggy's new home is happy to help him work his way through these behaviours and are able to tolerate them while he improves. He is a very clever boy who loves his food and toys so learning new things should be easy and enjoyable for him.

*Important information* Ziggy is only 6 months old and still has some growing to do. He does not currently fit the measurements of an XL bully, however as we don’t know exactly how big he will get, new owners will need to be mindful that they may need to contact their local police force and discuss things further if Ziggy does grow to fit within the XL bully guidelines. As with all adoptions, we offer lifelong support for our rescue animals, so we will closely monitor Ziggy’s journey and support owners in any way possible.

If you  feel Ziggy is the perfect, forever friend for you, please see the 'how to adopt' section or click the 'enquire now' button below and get in touch. Due to the number of emails we receive, we are only about to contact successful applicants.

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