My name is

Tess & Smudge

Age: 10 & 9 years old

Gender: Both females

Breed: DSH

Tess & Smudge

I can live with:




I am:


My Personality:


Tess and Smudge are a lovely bonded pair, at 10 and 9 years old.

They came to our center as they could not adjust to the new dogs in their previous home. They are initially very nervous cats and will require patient experienced owners, who can give them the time and space they need to thrive.

Tess and Smudge will best suit a home without other pets or children. Owners will need to provide a quiet secure room (or similar) where they can feel safe until they have built their confidence, and are ready to explore further afield.

With the right amount of time and care, they will show their affectionate personality and enjoy home comforts, gentle fuss, play, and cuddles. New owners will need to be comfortable being "hands off" initially and allowing Tess and Smudge to settle at their own pace. They are well-bonded and must be adopted together.

They need a home away from busy roads and would thrive in a rural environment.

*If you would like to give Tess & Smudge a home or would like more information then please fill out our online enquiry form*

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