My name is


Age: 2 years approx.

Gender: Male

Breed: Bearded Collie cross


I can live with:




I am:


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Teddy has found his way to us after being found as a stray. Although this sweet boy does have a shy side, he's desperate to please, loves playing with toys and is eager to learn.

As we are unsure if Teddy has ever lived in a home before; his new family will need to be prepared to give him lots of time and guidance to help him learn how to be in a home environment if this is something he lacks experience with. Fortunately, we do have some 'home rooms' here; where he's already got the hang of using the stairs, getting into a crate and making the most of the big, comfy dog beds! Teddy is a clever boy and if done correctly, will enjoy learning the ways of his new world.

Being a collie type, Teddy is clever and active - he loves being out for his walks, playing with toys and using his brain. We have seen some herding instincts from Teddy (particularly with traffic) so he may be better suited to a more experienced dog owner - even better if you have owned collie minded types before! Although Teddy is doing well with some distraction techniques in this area - he will need to live in an area away from busy roads so this doesn't become a significant issue in the future.

Teddy would like all humans in his new home to be over the age of 16. Again, as mentioned he can have a worried side so would like his family to be able to read him well and assist him if he's struggling with something. He is always trying his best to be a brave and friendly boy but can also be a worrier at times.

Teddy has also met some dogs here at the centre and mixes well with them, although he can be bouncy and lacks some manners. He has the potential to live with another dog(s) but this would need to be canine companions that are happy to be tolerant of his exuberant play style! He would benefit from some further guidance socialising around other dogs once settled.

We would also like to encourage new owners to consider Teddy's grooming needs. Requiring quite a significant groom on arrival to Teckels; it is important that new owners have taken into account the extra time and cost it takes to look after a long-coated pet. Teddy has done well with being introduced to brushing/bathing/clipping here but would benefit from further confidence building in this area, in the future to make sure he stays a happy chap with dashing hair!

If you would like to apply for Teddy, please see the 'how to adopt' section of the website or click the 'enquire now' button below. Due to the number of emails we receive we are only able to contact successful applicants.

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