My name is


Age: 2 Years

Gender: Male

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier x


I can live with:




I am:


My Personality:


Sammie has unfortunately found himself back in Teckels’s care due to not coping in the current home.

Sammie prefers to have someone around most of the day and can become very stressed and talkative when left. As a result of this Sammie is looking for a multi person home with someone around to work with him on this.

He can be worried around new people so will need to live in an adult only home and will need further training to grow in confidence. Once he knows you, he’s very cuddly and loves to snuggle his handlers.

Sammie struggles around doorways and barriers, as he doesn’t like to be left, and will need a home where he can have his own space. This handsome lad is looking for a family with experience of separation anxiety and cheeky terriers. With the right training and support from his new owners and Teckels, he will make a great addition to a family.

Sammie would like to be the only animal in the house but can have walking friends. He has lots of doggy pals at the centre and enjoys a good ramble with his mates.

Sammie doesn’t like to share some of his favourite treats, like bones, with people or dogs. He’s learning swapsies and is a clever chap! He will need continuous positive reward-based training to overcome this.

Once you have gained Sammie’s trust you get to see his cheeky loving nature. He loves nothing more than having playtime with his favourite toys (soft teddy’s) cuddles and of course tasty treats. He will need a fully secure garden and any potential adopter will to consider his needs as he is a highly intelligent boy and will need mental simulation as well as physical.

If you feel you are the perfect match for Sammie, please see the how to adopt page and get in touch.

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