My name is


Age: 2 years

Gender: Female

Breed: Pug

IMG 20240320 WA0004

I can live with:




My Personality:


Peach the pug is an absolute character! She's cheeky, enjoys playing with her toys and just seems to have a real positive outlook on life! She is now ready to take on the world with a family of her own.

Peach has the potential to live with another dog of similar size. She can be quite full on with her play so it would need to be a canine companion that can tolerate and engage in her playful nature. She could also share her home with children over the age of 10 but please be mindful she can lack some manners and be a little OTT at times.

Peach is clever and loves her food, she has learnt some basic obedience skills and enjoys being out for walks. Peach did arrive at the centre with some breathing difficulties due to being a 'flatter faced' breed but has recently had surgery to improve this. Peach will still need some help with building up her stamina but is a determined little lady and will give everything we ask of her a go!

Peach really is a little pocket Rocket and will need lots of entertaining throughout the day. She may be best suited to a family who are around for the majority of the day, especially as this is what she has been used to recently.

If you feel perfect Peach is the pet for you, please see the 'how to adopt' section of the website or click the 'enquire now' button below. Due to the number of emails we receive we are only able to contact successful applicants.



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