My name is


Age: 18 Months

Gender: Female

Breed: American Bulldog


I can live with:




I am:


My Personality:


Cutie Nancy is on the lookout for her new home having found herself in Teckels care through no fault of her own. Nancy has lived in a home before and is desperate to get back to her home comforts. She would like to live in an adult-only home with no other pets as she can be a real worrier. She will also need a private, fully enclosed garden to play in and ideally live away from busy roads.

When she first arrived at the centre, Nancy was an exceptionally worried lady and it took lots of patience and plenty of hot dog sausages for her to learn we’re not so scary. Nancy has been working really hard at meeting new people recently but does need a lot of time to learn to trust someone new. Therefore, We would like Nancy to go to a home with fewer visitors and a family who are happy to continue building her confidence around new people. Nancy will also need a ‘safe’ area in her new home for the times it is not appropriate for her to meet someone.

Nancy can also find new dogs quite confusing. Her previous family worked hard with socialising her but did come across some hurdles with the resident dog. We have continued to help her learn the ropes around other dogs but this does still need some work – especially while she is still such a youngster. Nancy’s new family will need to have plenty of time to continue socialising her as well as attending puppy and training classes once she’s settled.

We would also encourage any potential adopters to appreciate that although initially reserved and shy; Nancy is also a very young, very bouncy bull breed who has zero acknowledgement for personal space and loves hurling herself onto your lap for cuddles. Once she is settled into her new home, her needs are likely to change from bringing out her confidence to entertaining an active, clever young dog. Fortunately, Nancy is very food-motivated and loves playing with toys so her new family are sure to have plenty of fun keeping her entertained!

We appreciate that Nancy is going to be a project pet and will likely always have some worries about the world, but she has become a firm favourite here at Teckels and has fantastic potential to become a wonderful pet.

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