My name is

Mia and Ozzy

Age: 16 years and 5 years

Gender: One male and one female

Breed: DSH

Mia and Ozzy

I can live with:




I am:


My Personality:

Lap cat

Mia and Ozzy are a delightful duo who have found themselves in need of a new home, after their owner sadly became too unwell to care for them.

Mia is 16 years old, though you wouldn't know, she's in great health and is still very active! Ozzy is 5 years old and super laid back and affectionate. They're both very gentle and friendly felines who would make perfect companions for the right family.

Mia and Ozzy arrived at the center slightly overweight, and they're currently on a diet to address this. New owners will need to make sure they are careful not to overfeed them and monitor their weight to ensure they continue to stay in good health.

Both Mia and Ozzy have been indoor cats, though would appreciate time outside to keep active and explore, so a home away from busy roads is a must.

They would be best suited to a family home and could live with young children depending on introductions done at the center. They would prefer not to share their home with other pets.

If you're looking for a snuggly sofa buddy then please consider giving this gorgeous duo a chance at their happy ending!

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