My name is


Age: 4-5 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Thai Ridgeback


I can live with:




My Personality:


Welcome to Teckels our unique Thai Ridgeback, the handsome Loki!

This good-looking boy is after an active family who can put his energy to good use. He loves being out for walks and playtime but also enjoys training and using his clever brain just as much.

Medium-large in size, Loki can be a strong boy sometimes while out and about and would benefit from further lead work. His new family will need to be able to handle him appropriately and be up for some training. He already has some basic obedience skills and can sit and do his paws, but he would benefit from further guidance around general manners. We would like all of the humans in Loki's new home to be over the age of 14 and preferably dog-savvy so as not to be too worried about his occasional exuberant nature.

Loki would prefer to be the only dog in his new home although he can have walking buddies while out on walks. He can be very full-on with some dogs so would benefit from further socialisation in this area.

Ideally, Loki would only be left for short periods during the day when he first comes home. Unfortunately, coming to us as a stray we are unsure about whether he has been in a home or not and we cannot be sure of how well/ quickly he may settle into a home. He would be best suited to a multiperson home to help him gradually settle and build up any time left alone. Loki will also need his own, secure garden to play in.

If you are missing a clever, adventure buddy in your world and you feel Loki might fit the bill, please see the 'how to adopt' section and complete an application form.

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