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Age: 2 years approx.

Gender: Female

Breed: Caucasian Shepard

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Beautiful Honey is looking for a family of her own. This big girl is full of the joys of life and has settled in at the centre so well. She loves greeting all the staff with a giant tail wag and will stop for anyone who may offer her a neck scratch.

It would appear however that Honey has missed some crucial socialisation and can become worried about lots of things when she's out and about (like busy roads or loud noises). Honey would therefore like to live in a quieter area, in a calm and consistent household where she can take things at her own pace. It is important that her new owners do not expect too much from her initially and are happy to work with her to feel brave. Honey absolutely has the potential to do this and is so desperate to be a good girl, but it is likely to take time.

Honey has the potential to share her home with another dog (depending on introductions at the centre) and would be best suited to a medium - large buddy who won't be too worried about her size. She could also live with children of teenage age who will be happy around a large dog who loves snuggles and occasionally lacks some personal space boundaries!

Coming to us with little history, we are unsure if honey has ever lived in a home before. It would be beneficial for Honey's family to be around for most of the day initially to help her settle, work on housetraining and generally be around to help build her confidence. She will also need a private, secure garden.

Owning a Caucasian shepherd type isn't for everyone so Honey may be better suited to families who have owned dogs before - even better if there is experience or knowledge of shepherd types. Teckels rehoming team are happy to advise if this type of breed would suit your life style.

If you feel big, beautiful Honey is the girl for you, please see the 'how to adopt' section of the website or click the 'enquire now' button below. Please note, due to the volume of emails we receive we are only able to contact successful applicants.

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