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Age: 3 years old

Gender: Female

Breed: American bulldog

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Gracie has found her way to our centre through no fault of her own and now this beautiful girl is looking for her forever home.

Although Gracie may come across as brave and bolshy, she’s actually a sensitive lady who can get easily overstimulated when she’s not sure what’s expected of her. Gracie would like her new family to be at home for the majority of the day to help her settle down and keep her calm; but will also need a relatively active family to ensure that her energy levels are put to good use. Gracie will need to learn some crucial basic obedience skills, including walking nicely on her lead and not jumping up when saying hello to people. Training classes are strongly recommended for both confidence building, as well as her manners. As Gracie can be super strong on the lead, she will need owners who are not only happy to work on her lead walking but are also able to handle her in the short term while she learns.

As mentioned, Gracie can be a little over the top when meeting people, so we feel that she would be best suited to living with children over the age of 14. Children will need to be dog savvy and not too worried about being leapt on until Gracie has learnt some better ways. Gracie would also prefer to be the only pet in the home as again she can lack some manners, but has made some play friends here and would love to make more friends in her new home.

When Gracie is not being a big, bouncy bulldog, she does enjoy having a good snuggle on the sofa and loves playing with toys in our paddocks. She’s always so desperate to please and enjoys learning new things.

Gracie has come to us from a home environment, so there is a good foundation for toilet training as well as her being able to be left for short periods.

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