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Age: Approx 4 years

Gender: Male

Breed: spaniel cross

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Lovely Bobby is looking for gentle,  experienced owners who can help to show him that the world isn't always such a scary place.

Bobby has come to us with no history so we are unsure as the whether he has lived in a home before. It would appear that he may have had a tricky start as he can be a very worried boy and seems to lack confidence and social skills when it comes to the big wide world. He is much more confident when there are other dogs around, so would benefit from living with at least one well-rounded resident dog, who will tolerate Bobby being a bit clingy, but also show him the ropes. In time, we hope that Bobby will be comfortable enough to play, so resident dogs need to be willing to play back, but also tell Bobby when he's being a bit too much. We feel he would be too boisterous for an older dog currently.

Being a spaniel type, Bobby will need a good amount of exercise once fully settled. He did struggle on his walks initially when he first arrived with us and although he has now come on leaps and bounds, may struggle with the change of environment when he goes home. Bobby will need to be walked in quieter areas, with busier places introduced nice and slowly. He will need a private, secure garden to exercise in until he's ready to explore further afield.

Bobby has been learning some new skills since being at the centre and can now do some basic obedience skills as well as walk nicely on his lead (and even use the stairs, clever boy!). He will however need further training with his confidence and settling into his new home, so potential adopters must ensure they really have the time to dedicate to him.

As mentioned Bobby is a shy boy who does his best to be brave; he loves treats which will help with making friends, but time and patience will go a long way to help him fully find his feet.

He's too worried to live with children, so would best suit a household with no children or younger visitors.

We appreciate that Bobby is a bit of a quirky character and will need a lot of work, however the progression he has already made since being with us has been amazing and we know he has plenty more to give, he just needs the right family to bring out the best in him.

If you're interested in adopting Bobby, please see our 'how to adopt' page or click the 'enquire now' button below.


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