My name is


Age: Approx 4 years

Gender: Male

Breed: spaniel cross

Teckels pawprint green

I can live with:




I am:


My Personality:

Breed Experience

Lovely Bobby is looking for gentle but experienced owners who can help to show him that the world isn't such a scary place.

He is much more confident when there are other dogs around, so will need to live with at least one well-rounded resident dog, who will tolerate Bobby being a bit clingy, but also show him the ropes.

In time, we hope that Bobby will be comfortable enough to play, so resident dogs need to be willing to play back, but also tell Bobby when he's being a bit too much. We feel he would be too boisterous for an older dog currently.

Being a spaniel type, Bobby will need a good amount of exercise once fully settled. He does not currently enjoy walks, and so will need a large secure garden to exercise in until he's ready to explore further afield. Bobby will need all basic training, so potential adopters must ensure they have the time to dedicate to him, to get him comfortable with a home environment and learn housetraining, lead walking etc.

Bobby is a shy boy who does his best to be brave; he loves treats which will help with making friends, but time and patience will go a long way to help him fully find his feet.

He's too worried to live with children, so would best suit a household with no children or younger visitors.

We know that once given the chance, Bobby will make a very loyal and active companion.

If you're interested in adopting Bobby, please see our 'how to adopt' page.


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