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Age: 3 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Terrier

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Introducing our little cutie... Archie!

Archie has found his way to us recently after he began to feel uncomfortable around the young children in his previous home. He is now ready to find his 'happy ever after' in a calmer environment with lots of fun 'terrier' things to do.

Archie understandably would like to live in an adult-only environment and would need a 'safe space' in the home should there be any visiting small children. He is looking for a new home with predictability and consistency so he can understand what is expected. Archie is a clever boy and always wants to do the right thing but he does have a worried side and can be unsure at times; having clear expectations helps bring out his confidence and helps him feel safe.

Archie can be quite a 'typical' terrier. He's happiest when he is out for walks and has lots to look at and sniff! He currently has an independent side but this may change as he gets to know his new family better. He loves playing with toys and working hard with his training for hot dog pieces! Once he knows you, he does enjoy some fuss but he can be a little suspicious about your intentions initially.

Archie has been making a few dog friends while at the center, and he's been enjoying going out on walks with them. Archie would love to continue making friends with calm and confident dogs, though he is not yet ready to share his home with them.

As mentioned, this little chap has been in a home previously where he was able to be left for a couple of hours, was housetrained, and traveled well in the car. Although we can never promise any behaviours in the future, there is good potential that he will pick these things back up quickly in the future.

**If you're interested in Archie then please fill out an online application form to apply**

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